Does Diversity Matter?

(An abstract of a speech by Julia Budd to the Oxford Management Club, March 2017)

Connecting as The Zygos Partnership does with the leadership teams of global influencers, it has supported and championed an evolution in the boardroom. One of diversity.

Julia Budd was recently invited to speak at a dinner with the Oxford Management Club at the invitation of the Chairman, Ian Mason, who is also Chief Executive of Domestic & General Group Holdings Ltd & Non-executive Director of QinetiQ plc.  In her speech, Julia explored “Does diversity matter?” reflecting that diversity is a far more complex topic than is generally recognised.

Based upon her experience as founder of The Zygos Partnership and the first woman on the board of The Jockey Club, Julia asserts that diversity is a topic deserving of more thought, more honesty and deeper discussion than it receives.

Julia’s speech covers how company boards have evolved over the last 20 years and reviews the relative success of gender diversity in the boardroom. She explores the commercial impact of diversity and debates its benefits as well as the associated challenges, discussing what it takes to embed diversity within an organisational culture.